Best Purple Laser Pointer Reviewed and Compared

Purple laser pointers have only been available since 2010 but they are becoming more popular.  Although predominantly used for industrial purposes, purple laser pointers are used in other situations too, one of which may apply to you and your needs.

In this article, we’ll cover the best purple laser pointers, many of which are available on Amazon.  Let’s take a look.

Best high power purple laser pointer

If you’re looking for the best high power purple laser pointer, the YIJIZE High Power Purple Blue Beam Pointer available from Amazon is definitely worth buying. It has a range of 10,000 meters, which is the longest distance visible to the naked eye at night. 

This particular purple laser pointer can even be used to send out distress signals and can ignite combustible objects such as matches. This product comes with rechargeable Li-ion batteries,  star caps, a charger, goggles, and a user manual. It’s worth mentioning that user reviews have noted that the light leans more towards blue than a violet/purple hue. 

Best military laser pointer

Unlike high-powered lasers, military grade lasers are typically used in hostile environments. As such, military laser pointers are highly rugged devices overall. But that’s not the only factor that sets military laster pointers apart. Other differences include the length of use, the type of batteries required, and charging times if the particular model is a rechargeable laser pointer.

When it comes to the best military laser pointer, the PX3 200mW Purple Laser is at the top of its class. It is one of the most powerful purple/violet laser pointers available on the market with a light frequency of 405nm. 

In addition to that, it’s waterproof and has a fully adjustable focus lens. When you buy this laser pointer, you’ll also get a charger, tech lanyard, tactical holster, and a 1-year warranty. With a 5,000 hour expected lifetime and Lithium battery that lasts for 120 minutes, you can’t go wrong with this one.  

Best 3 in 1 laser pointer (green, red, purple)

If you’re looking for a 3 in 1 laser pointer, this 3 Pack Laser Pointer will do the job. This laser pointer comes in green, purple, and red so you get a variety of colors. Not to mention, you can easily use this one during your office or school presentations to better keep your audience, students, or coworkers engaged and on-task. 

The laser pointer requires 2 x AAA batteries which don’t come included in the packaging, however, you can easily pick them up from your local store. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this portable laser pointer has a non-slip design and a pocket clip so you can carry it with you everywhere you go. 

Best purple laser pointer for cats

Looking for a fun purple laser pointer for cats? This 7 in 1 Function Led Pointer from Amazon is a great choice. It has 7 different functions and it comes with a red and a purple light. The red light has different patterns that will entertain your cat for hours. These include mouse, smiley face, butterflies, and a five-pointed star. 

The purple light can check for cat moss, pet urine, pet stains, and more. The laser has a built-in rechargeable 100 mAh lithium battery and it was made out of high-quality premium metal. In addition to that, the laser pointer comes with an anti-drop rope and a metal clip for easier carrying.

Why use a Purple Laser Pointer? 

As mentioned earlier, a purple laser pointer has a wide range of applications. The main reason why a purple laser pointer is popular is because it has a 405 nm wavelength that’s very close to the upper end of the human eye spectrum. 

It has practical applications in industrial usage as well as in science. It’s the perfect tool to demonstrate and explain concepts such as fluorescence, spectroscopy and microscopy. 

It’s interesting to note how the human eye perceives the purple laser. If you point it at a bright white surface, the color will be purple but if you point it at an off-white surface or a surface that’s not bright and the laser will appear to be a different color. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the purple/violet laser is less visible than the green laser light which has a wavelength of 532 nm. However, purple laser pointers can cause retinal damage if not used carefully. 

Safety Regulations

Before we wrap up this article, it’s important to talk about laser pointer safety regulations. Laser pointers, if used incorrectly, can be dangerous. 

According to the Laser Institute of America, in 1997, the FDA issued a warning against allowing juveniles to use laser pointers. They require manufacturers to place a warning on pointers to caution against looking directly into the beam.

In addition to that, the FDA/CDRH regulation 1040.10 states that all lasers sold as pointers must have less than 5 mW output power and a correct label on the product. The label should include aperture indication, a warning mark with laser wavelength/output level information, the manufacturer name and address, and the production date. 

Other safety tips include: 

  • Avoid shining a laser pointer at anyone
  • Don’t point laser pointers at mirror-like surfaces
  • Avoid purchasing a laser pointer that doesn’t have a caution or danger sticker on it identifying its class
  • It’s also suggested not to point laser pointers at aircrafts or any other vehicles

Lastly, report any suspicious devices you come across to the FDA.


If you’re looking for a powerful purple laser, the purple laser pointers mentioned in this article are a good place to start. From high powered lasers to less powerful laser pointer toys and presentation tools, you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs.